Infinity 3DP and Slice Engineering partnership.

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Slice Engineering, a leading manufacturer of high-performance 3D printing components, and Infinity 3DP, a 3D printer manufacturer based in Hong Kong, have announced a partnership. The partnership aims to combine Slice Engineering’s expertise in developing hotends, nozzles, and other 3D printing components with Infinity 3DP’s innovative 3D printing technology to create high-quality, reliable 3D printers for hobbyists and professionals alike. This partnership is expected to offer new and exciting options for 3D printing enthusiasts and help advance the 3D printing industry.

It’s great to hear about the performance of Slice Engineering. The hotend was easy to use and produced stable and reliable prints, which can help to reduce maintenance burdens for users.

It’s also exciting to hear that this partnership significantly enhances the overall 3D printing capabilities and quality. Slice Engineering can provide an excellent opportunity to improve the 3D printing process further and achieve high-quality prints.

Overall, it sounds like a positive experience and a great partnership.


Slice Engineering Announces Partnership with Infinity 3DP.

Scaling desktop 3D printing with Infinity 3DP and Slice Engineering.

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