How to join meeting with WordPress or any other meeting using ZOOM

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How to join meetings with WordPress or any other meeting using ZOOM

I had a Conference meeting with my client.

That was my first meeting; I was confused about what to do. At the time of the meeting suddenly my computer disconnected. I couldn’t find the code for the meeting. I was on a different browser. Everything was working fine 20 minutes before my meeting.

I had to change my email password before going to my work email, and now what?

Something happens to my password. It stopped working; time was running out… close to the meeting time, 12 P.M.

11.56 I changed my password; they wanted to confirm with the code. I checked my phone; it was downstairs. I ran, got the code, and fixed the email. It was 11.59. The email starts working; I check my email. It was 12.02, and the meeting already started.

I put the code in and joined the meeting.

Before the meeting, keep the code and email somewhere on paper.

Check the video so you can prepare for meetings.:)




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