Future of Dining UAE prepared 3D-printed snacks and VR dinner Parties.

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Picture this: You step into a ‘restaurant,’ not merely a restaurant, but an oasis where you rejuvenate your body and mind. Inside, you’re welcomed into ‘flavor concentration booths,’ immersive chambers where every sense—sight, sound, smell, and taste—melds into a symphony. You could be dining in a lush forest, by the seaside, or under a sky adorned with billowing clouds.
This culinary vision for 2040 emerges from the ‘Snack To The Future’ report, courtesy of London-based food delivery trailblazer Deliveroo. In this glimpse into the future, the UAE’s vibrant food and beverage (F&B) scene takes center stage, leading the charge in adopting cutting-edge technological innovations that redefine the industry. The potential for this synergy becomes evident through advancements in 3D food printing, enabling individuals to customize food’s shape, density, appearance, and texture to align with their unique needs and aspirations.

One remarkable example comes from the labs of Columbia University, where scientists orchestrated a seven-ingredient vegan cheesecake. This delectable treat was entirely crafted by a 3D-printing machine, using edible food ink to compose a symphony of flavors, including graham crackers, peanut butter, Nutella, banana puree, strawberry jam, cherry drizzle, and strawberry frosting. Personal tech devices will usher in the era of BreathTech, allowing you to gain deep insights into your dietary choices simply by breathing on your device. These insights will help you optimize your health and well-being. The report notes, “People’s breath is as unique as their fingerprint.” Compounds in exhaled air create a distinctive molecular ‘breath print’ that could revolutionize early disease diagnosis. For instance, these susceptible sensors could detect acetone, H2S (hydrogen sulfide), ammonia, and toluene, offering insights into diabetes, halitosis, kidney function, and lung cancer.

Breath-prints could revolutionize food choices, ensuring that your selections align with your mood, energy levels, strength, weight management, and longevity goals. Will Shu, Founder and CEO of Deliveroo, encapsulates this vision, saying, “As we look towards the next decade and beyond, Deliveroo will continue to create exciting innovations in food delivery, build new and better consumer experiences, and take Deliveroo beyond functionality and convenience to capture the passion and emotion of food.”

Story by Angel Tesorero • Future of dining: Is UAE ready for 3D-printed snacks and VR dinner parties?

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