Evonik’s €400 million project

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Whenever plastics are exposed to high stress, polyamide 12 from Evonik is the answer- in oil and gas extraction, automotive engineering, medical devices, or 3D printing. Evonik produces the high-performance plastic in two forms-as it is VESTAMID line of granulates and it’s VESTOSINT powder.

According to Dr. Ralf Düssel, the Head of the High-Performance Polymers Business Line at Evonik, “This project is a special challenge, the Group’s PA12 granules, and powders. This Evonik’s engineering unit has some 80 engineers are working on the project. We have also contracted a well-known, globally active technical service provider for the detail engineering of individual sub-projects. The Marl Chemical Park offers us optimal conditions for this extraordinary feat. Once we start up the new facility, the existing structures that have been in place for over 50 years will be used for product distribution.”



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