Emerging trends in 3D Printing from Geometric accuracy to mesh optimization.

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3D printing is rapidly evolving, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in various industries. From creating intricate prototypes to producing functional parts, 3D printing is revolutionizing manufacturing processes.
3D printing technology is advancing by leaps and bounds. We explore how a team of engineers harnessed the power of geometrically accurate 3D printing to create advanced prosthetics. By leveraging extrinsic re-meshing and dynamic triangulation, they achieved.

By Kiegan Lenihan, Saigopal Nelaturi, Kyle Kloster, Ehsan Haghighat, Larry Shatos, Weixiong Zheng, Nick Harrington, Emily Williams, Jens Schmidt, Ruiqi Chen.Robust Texturing for Additive Manufacturing Design.

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