Embroidery machine, with 3D, Printed parts

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According to Hackaday, “Embroidery machine, with 3D, printed parts. Arduino components combined with 3D printed parts. OpenBuilds® V-Slot Belt & Pinion System.Such as an Arduino and stepper drivers for an economical DIY solution. It’s not shown in the photo here, but we particularly like the 3D-printed sockets screwed into the tabletop. These hold the sewing machine’s “feet” and allow it to be treated like a modular component that can easily be removed and used normally when needed.”

Title: A Better Embroidery Machine, With 3D Printing And Common Parts.


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V-Slot™ Belt & Pinion Example Build



One thought on “Embroidery machine, with 3D, Printed parts

    Bernieshoot said:
    August 13, 2019 at 9:38 am

    Such an amazing machine !

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