Dr. 3d Printer( Zimpure 2, 3D Printing without toxic emissions)

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Zimpure 2, is a compact and discrete air purifier for 3D Printing without toxic emissions works with FDM printers. Few days later they will conduct more test on DLP and SLA printers. Zimpure is filtering 99% of the nanoparticles and more than 90% of the gases released.

Zimple3D co-founders Antoine Franz and Nicolas Roux promise to make 3D printing safer with an innovative adaptable air filter called Zimpure.

When we use 3D printer’s plastic can make irritating smell.  It’s actually a mix of harmful gases and nanoparticles. This is due to thermoplastic fusion. Professionals in the thermoplastic industry and folks with an average sense of smell, We have already smelled this odor of melted plastic and we know it can’t be good for your health.



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