Dr. 3D Printer Solutions for 3d printing question(3D Printing a Wrench in Space)

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NASA and Made In Space, Inc. have partnered to install a 3D printer in the International Space Station. This is the first tool to be 3D printed in space, designed on Earth, and emailed to the International Space Station.  The wrench took 4 hours to create on the space station.

According to NASA’s chief strategy officer of Made in Space, “These first 3D prints will be brought down to Earth for examination where they’ll be compared to identical objects manufactured on the ground; we’ll use them to characterize the effects of long-term microgravity on our 3D-printing process so that we can model and predict the performance of objects that we manufacture in space in the future.”


How to 3D Print a Space Station Wrench Emailed to Orbit

Space, the final frontier for 3-D printing

Made In Space, Inc.

Made In Space


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