DIY mini RTX 3060 founders edition 3D-Printed

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In PC gaming, enthusiasts often yearn for specialized components that cater to their unique needs. Redditor Clashmains_2account took matters into their own hands when they realized Nvidia had no plans for a mini-ITX version of the RTX 3060 Founders Edition. Armed with a 3D printer and their passion for DIY, they embarked on a mission to create an adorable pint-sized GPU. Using a Gainward RTX 3060 Pegasus as the base, Clashmains_2account dove into the world of CAD design and 3D printing. They meticulously crafted custom shrouds and heatsinks that closely resembled the iconic metal casing of an Nvidia Founders Edition GPU. To enhance cooling performance, a 92mm Noctua fan was incorporated for its functionality and striking resemblance to the fans found on official Founders Editions.
Clashmains_2account discovered that the PLA filament used for printing the parts had limitations, softening and deforming at temperatures around 60 degrees Celsius. Despite this setback, the more significant printed parts remained unaffected, showcasing the potential of 3D printing in custom PC builds.

Clashmains_2account openly acknowledged their project’s “rough spots” and expressed plans to experiment with heat-resistant filaments like ABS or PETG in future builds. This endeavor aims to ensure that the 3D-printed components of the custom GPU maintain their structural integrity under higher temperatures. The absence of a mini-ITX Founders Edition GPU from Nvidia has fueled the enthusiasm of DIY enthusiasts. Clashmains_2account’s innovative project offers hope, showcasing the possibilities of turning dreams into reality. As this is their first foray into 3D printing, the progress made in refining the design with subsequent attempts is eagerly anticipated.

With each DIY project, the boundaries of what is possible in PC gaming continue to expand. The creativity and resourcefulness displayed by Clashmains_2account serve as an inspiration to the community. Who knows, maybe this Reddit post will catch the attention of an Nvidia executive, and our collective dreams of a mini-ITX Founders Edition GPU will be realized.

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