What materials are used in 3D printing?

Materialise 2015 World Conference.

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According to the Materialise World Conference, ” 2015 invites world’s leading thinkers and doers in 3D printing, from clinical, to biomedical, to industrial, Engineering, and other fields and companies that have the visionary approach.
It will provide a forum to discuss various topics including safer and better solutions for patients, the added value of 3D printers for current and future medical applications, and how will this evolve.¨


3D printer for soft objects from fabric.

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According to the Disney researchers,” they made the 3D printer for soft interactive objects. The printer uses a sheet of fabric for each layer of a 3D object. The 3D object is built layer by layer.
Researchers present a 3D printer that can print a soft object from layered fabric.¨