3D/4D Printing/Safety Precautions.

3D printed biopolymer material for the soft implant.

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Goodbye silicone? A new era of breast reconstruction is on the horizon

Novel 3D-printed technologies may replace silicones in breast reconstruction

3D printed modular molding for PepsiCo.

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As mentioned by Max Rodriguez, Sr. Manager of Global Packaging R&D, and Thangthip Tekanil, R&D Packaging Engineer, “We’re able to blow 10,000 bottles with this tool, which are the quantities that we need for us to be able to validate a new design because when we bring it into our manufacturing environment, we’re running 600 bottles a minute, 800 bottles a minute. They also added that we’ve been able to streamline the workflow between the different printers, found the appropriate scaling factors for each printer, and because the mould is pretty much standard, the modular mould is printer agnostic.”

3D printing hits the spot: How PepsiCo is using AM to produce drink bottle tooling