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3D printing respirator masks

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Andre Malok , Multimedia Specialist at NJ Advance Media, Engineers and designers from Maker Depot in Totowa are 3D printing respirator masks from biodegradable plastic. They’re hoping their efforts can help hospital workers and others from coronavirus during this time of mask shortages.





3D printing help fight breast cancer (Aïllen cèl·lules canceroses gràcies a la impressió 3D)

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According to Teresa Puig, director of the Oncology Unit of the Group for the Investigation of New Therapeutic Targets, the University of Girona has managed to isolate stem cells from one of the most aggressive breast cancers through an additive manufacturing system. A tumor is made up of many types of cells, and these are the cells we have in low proportions. Therefore, it is complicated to locate these cells within the tumor. This new system is cleaner, allowing us to work more directly with these types of cells later.
the cancer being researched is the triple-negative subtype, which occurs in young women and leads to relapses within three or four years in 20 or 30 percent of patients.

Additive manufacturing helps isolate cells from one of the most aggressive breast cancers

Here’s how 3D printing could help fight this aggressive type of cancer

Universitat de Girona


Source: Aïllen cèl·lules canceroses gràcies a la impressió 3D