I would love for 3D Printing to be even more democratized

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Sarah Goldberg wears many hats: from artistic director to artistic lead for several Parisian locations, she founded in 2005 the French organization “Le Candiraton” (an organization promoting independent cultures). With this organization, she produced 4 festivals and 23 exhibits all over Europe. In 2099, she created “‘Be My Toys”, as the first Art Toys festival. 3D printing technology has certainly come a long way in recent years and has made significant progress in terms of accessibility and affordability. However, there is still room for improvement when it comes to democratizing 3D printing. Here are some ideas that could help make 3D printing even more accessible to a wider range of people:

  1. Increase availability of 3D printers: One way to democratize 3D printing is to make it more widely available. This could be achieved by placing 3D printers in public spaces such as libraries, community centers, or maker spaces, which can be accessed by anyone. Another option is to provide affordable 3D printing services at local print shops.
  2. Lower the cost of 3D printers: Although the cost of 3D printers has decreased significantly in recent years, they are still relatively expensive. Lowering the cost of 3D printers would make them more accessible to people with lower incomes or limited budgets. This could be achieved through government subsidies, crowdfunding campaigns, or by encouraging manufacturers to produce more affordable models.
  3. Increase awareness and education: Many people are not aware of the benefits of 3D printing or how it works. By increasing awareness and education, more people can learn about the technology and how it can be used. This could be achieved through public education campaigns, workshops, and online resources.
  4. Develop user-friendly software: The software used to design 3D models can be complex and difficult to use. Developing user-friendly software that is easy to learn and use would make 3D printing more accessible to people who are not familiar with complex design software.
  5. Create more open-source designs: Many 3D printing designs are proprietary, which means they are owned by a specific company or individual. Creating more open-source designs would make it easier for people to access and use them, which could help to democratize 3D printing.

Sarah Goldberg – “I would love for 3D Printing to be even more democratized” — Women in 3D Printing

What are some innovative ways we could use 3D printing technology to benefit communities and solve real-world problems?

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