3D Design Software for beginners

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3D Design Software for beginners

3D Printing is advancing day by day. We use, ” Blender “. It is a FREE software for 3d printing for design, but little bit hard to use.

123D form Auto desk  is little bit more easier for the beginners.


MakerGirl Using 3D Printing to Bring STEM to Girls

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MakerGirl Using 3D Printing to Bring STEM to Girls



MakerGirl brings 3D printing, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) to life for girls.  MakerGirl teaches 3D printing to young girls while teaching them about cutting edge technology, new companies, women leaders in STEM, and so on.  MakerGirl is a non-profit organization started by young women from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  They work through donations that fund scholarships for underprivileged girls and provide STEM-related opportunities to girls in rural areas.   They offer sessions in Champaign, Southern Illinois, and Chicago.  They have launched MakerGirl Mobile, a 3D Printing Lab on Wheels, that for conducting 3D printing sessions for girls all over the country.


MakerGirl Youtube Channel