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3D additive manufacturing the molecular Scale

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According to Professor Martin Wegener, Spokesperson of the Cluster of Excellence, “3D printers working in the millimeter range and larger are increasingly used in industrial production processes. Many applications, however, require precise printing on the micrometer scale at a far higher speed. Researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have now developed a system to print highly precise, centimeter-sized objects with submicrometer details at a so-far unmatched speed.
The researchers have printed a lattice structure of 60 cubic millimeters in size with details down to the micrometer scale. It contains more than 300 billion voxels (a voxel is the 3D counterpart of a pixel or 2D picture element). We have by far outperformed the record reached by 3D-printed aircraft wings. This is a new world record. 3D Matter Made to Order” (3DMM2O), within which the system was developed.”

Prof. Dr. Martin Wegener
Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
martin wegener∂kit edu

Prof. Dr. Jochen Wittbrodt
Heidelberg University
jochen wittbrodt∂cos uni-heidelberg de

3D Additive Manufacturing Driven Towards the Molecular Scale

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

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3D-Print rockets

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According to CNN, CNBC report and Relativity CEO Tim Ellis, “We’ll build rockets in 60 days and 60 days later we can build a better version.”
relativity space is attracting more attention because people are excited about its novel approach to manufacturing. Its rockets will be 3D-printed top to bottom.
People are really starting to rally around that as the future of rocket technology.”Relativity Space. Relativity, a company 3D printing entire rockets, raises $140 million from venture firms Bond, Tribe. Massive, AI-Powered Robots Are 3D-Printing Entire Rockets.