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3D printed bionic heart model.

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According to Pablo Pereira, and Bruno Demuro, co-founder, and COO of Armor Bionics, “We’re not trying to replace anyone. We are just adding one new tool to the surgical process, as a one-stop solution for offering a complete surgical planning unit.”

Armor Bionics: Better Surgical Outcomes with 3D Printed Medical Models.

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3D Printed Infant Heart Model Manufactured For Armor Bionics By Shapeways Transforms Surgical Pre-planning. (Photo: Business Wire).

3D printed modern spectacle.

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As mentioned by Tom Broughton, Founder & CEO, Cubitts, the Cubitts’ research article and Microsoft news,´ only 20 percent of the UK’s 22 million spectacle wearers have the perfect fit, although 75 percent believe their frames fit them. Cubitts describe themselves as ‘modern spectacle makers’, reviving the traditional techniques of handmade British spectacle making. The company offers ready-made, fitted, and bespoke frames with carefully designed details, down to the custom Cubitts hinge pin.´

Cubitts app uses 3D-scanning technology to find the right glasses for every face.