Managing health with 3D printing.


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According to the Stratasys 3D printing dental solutions,” 3D printing is playing a significant role in dental and Orthodontic labs because 3D printers can do fast and good quality products.  With the help of CAD/CAM design, 3D printers can make crowns, bridges, and orthodontic appliances.  Stratasys provides 3D printing dental solutions including the Object260 Dental Selection 3D Printer.¨


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Prescription medicines printed by 3d printer.

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Scientists believe they can print a prescription drug using a 3D printer. According to Lee Cronin, he is a chemistry professor from the University of Glasgow, ” The Professor mentioned in his Ted Talk that a 3D printer can assemble chemical compounds at a molecular level. Cronin said, what Apple did for music, I’d like to do for the discovery and distribution of prescription drugs. Cronin, also said users would go to an online drugstore with their digital prescription, buy a “blueprint” and the chemical “ink” they need, and then print the drug at home with software and a 3D molecular printer.¨