3D Printed 4D Printed parts to save money.

3D Printer for making toys from Play-Doh.

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According to Wiki and  Play-Doh 3D Printer,” it makes toys from play-doh.  The printer can be assembled quickly. The Play-Doh printer can be plugged into an iPad. A free app called iPlay-Doh 3D can be used to design toys and print them using the Play-Doh 3D printer.¨






New material for 3D printing from, Polymakr.

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According to Polymakr, ¨This is an international team that builds new material for 3D printing.  Their new 3D printing materials include PolyMax PLA, PolyFlex, and PolyWood.¨

Polymakr launches three new 3D printing materials on Kickstarter.