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3 D, 4D and 5D Printed food recipe.

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3 D, 4D, and 5D Printed food recipe (Chew )PancakeBot is a Pancake Printer.
According to the PancakeBot,” this is the pancake printer that allows you to make pancakes. With the help of PancakeBot Pancake Printer, anybody can make Pancakes.¨
I can make good pancakes even though I am not a good cook.

3 D 4D and 5D printed food recipe the future Of decorative food

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According to the ChefJet Pro 3 D machine, “how we will do our groceries in future. With the help of the ChefJet Pro 3 D machine. We know Hershey’s famous chocolate but now they are having the world’s first public 3D chocolate candy printing exhibition. Hershey Chocolate Factory is also using 3 D printers for making designed candies. Now we will do our groceries so that we can make our food, cake designs, savory and spicy food items with the help of the ChefJet Pro 3 D machine.¨

Chef Jet 3D Food Printer

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