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3D Print Week California in Santa Clara, California

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3D Print Week California in Santa Clara, California

According to 3D Print Week California,” this is a series of events that will be hosted at Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, California, during the week of October 19-23, 2015.  These events are related to 3D printing and include displays, fashion shows, and talks by experts in the field of 3D printing.  The events include Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo 3D Print Design show.

3D printing startup competition, a 3D print vehicle zone, among others”.





MIT Develops Platform for 3D Printing Glass

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MIT Develops Platform for 3D Printing Glass

Mediated Matter Group of MITs’ Media Lab in collaboration with MIT’s Department of Mechanical Engineering and MIT’s Glass Lab has developed an additive manufacturing platform called G3DP for printing transparent glass structures.  The G3DP platform uses two chambers, an upper chamber and a lower chamber.  The upper chamber is heated to a temperature of 1900°F to produce molten glass.  The lower chamber performs annealing by slowly cooling the molten glass.  The molten glass is funneled through a nozzle to 3D print fascinating glass structures.

According to Prof. Neri Oxman of the MIT Media Lab who directs the Mediated Matter research group, this research could lead to advances in creating fiber optic cables that transmit data more efficiently.







3D Printed Micro Drill

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3D Printed Micro Drill

According to the Lance Abernethy, ” he is an Engineer from New Zealand built a small drill which is complete for tiny works. This drill is around half a millimeter wide and half an inch long.  He used hearing aid batteries for this drill.  The following youtube video shows the drill in action”.:)




3D Print Houses in China

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3D Printing Houses in China


According to Yingchuang,” This is the company in China. They are building houses with 3D printers.  They use the environmentally friendly material for 3D printing houses such as recycled construction waste and industrial waste. Also, they use a large 3D printer which is 20 feet tall, 33 feet wide, and 132 feet long.  The house making process takes 24 hours. They make pieces one by one and assemble the house. This process is good for construction workers since they are not exposed to hazardous material.  This process is also environmentally friendly”.:)



The Green 3d Print

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ΣThe Green 3d Print

According to Dr. Joshua Pearce, ” he is the professor at Michigan Technological University, “The Professor has worked to develop Eco-friendly techniques for 3D printing.  His technique reduces carbon footprint.  Professor Pearce has developed a “Recyclebot” to create plastic filament using recycled milk jugs.  3D printers use this material for creating structures.   His study found that using recycled materials at home to create filament uses one-fortieth the amount of energy it would take to create it commercially”.





UCSD Students 3d Print Rocket Engine

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UCSD Students 3d Print Rocket Engine

According to San Diego college students, ” They designed, 3D printed, and tested a rocket engine.  the students were funded by NASA and Lockheed Martin.  A metal printed motor helped make the 3D printed Rocket Engine”.:)





Drugs printed by 3d printer

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Drugs printed by 3d printer

Scientists believe they can print a prescription drug using a 3D printer. According to Lee Cronin, he is the chemistry professor from the University of Glasgow,” The Professor mentioned in his Ted Talk that a 3D printer can assemble chemical compounds at a molecular level. Cronin said, what Apple did for music, I’d like to do for the discovery and distribution of prescription drugs. Cronin, also said users would go to an online drugstore with their digital prescription, buy a “blueprint” and the chemical “ink” they need, and then print the drug at home with software and a 3D molecular printer”.:)






3D Printed Paws for Dog

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3D Printed Paws for Dog

According to the,”NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine and College of Engineering Prosthetic limb made for a dog.

Zeus, a five-year-old Siberian husky with a missing foot, will get his first chance to run in the snow.  Zeus now becomes the fifth pet to receive a custom-made osseointegrated implant and attached prosthetic limb at NC State thanks to a collaboration between the NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine and College of Engineering”.

1) YouTube video on Zeus and the surgery.

2)     NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine and College of Engineering.

3)   http://www.cvm.ncsu.edu/news/2011-04-03-Pioneering-Implant-Surgery-Aids-Zeus-and-Prosthetic-Limb-Design.html

3 D 4D and 5D Printed Food recipe (Chew ) The Future Of Decorative Food

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According to the ChefJet Pro 3 D machine,”How we will do our groceries in future. With the help of ChefJet Pro 3 D machine.

We know Hershey’s famous chocolate but now they are having the world’s first public 3D chocolate candy printing exhibition.

Hershey Chocolate Factory is also using 3 D printers for making designed candies.

Now we will  do our groceries so that we can make our food ,cake designs, savory and spicy food items with the help of ChefJet Pro 3 D machine “.

1)Chef Jet 3D Food Printer