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3D printing used to make glass optical fiber preform

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According to Science News and John Canning who led the research team from the University of Technology in Sydney, “Making silica optical fiber involves the labor-intensive process of spinning tubes on a lathe, which requires the fiber’s core or cores to be precisely centered. With additive manufacturing, there’s no need for the fiber geometry to be centered. This removes one of the greatest limitations in fiber design and greatly reduces the cost of fiber manufacturing.
Additive manufacturing approaches such as 3D printing are well suited to change the entire approach to fiber design and purpose. This could, for example, broaden the applications of fiber optic sensors, which far outperform electronic equivalents in terms of longevity, calibration and maintenance but haven’t been widely deployed due to their expensive fabrication.”


3D printing used to make glass optical fiber preform

the University of New South Wales



Dr. 3D Printer precautions for advanced manufacturing( Laser Cutting with a 3D Printer )

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I am using useful comments for this youtube video:)

Please use some precautions if you are using Laser Cutting with a 3D Printer” It is very very important to use the carbon monoxide detector.part cooling fan” style fan it will help you when you cut. It reduces the risk of something catching fire and blows away the burned wood so the laser can reach the uncut wood.

It might risk sooth accumulating on the lens and eventually blocking enough light that you damage the lens itself with the heat.
You need ventilation and more than just an open window. If you want to use the airbrush compressor into a vacuum pump to pull away from the smoke. I will be worried that you can see the laser beam through the safety-glasses.
If you want to prevent the face from getting charred, put painter’s tape on top.
If you want the laser performance to last you need another mini fan to blow out the smoke so the residue of that smoke won’t be impaired on the laser beam output if you don’t blow air in the output focus lens that lens Will get covered with the smoke residue and destroy it so you need to blow air on the output lens and evacuate the smoke at the same time, you can add a mechanical end stop to the laser to home the Z, as the laser never needs to be hitting the bed or print like a nozzle,

To prevent the scorching just add some masking tape on top of the plywood. Did you think about designing an enclosure for the hypercube? That would be the best for ventilation of all those nasty laser fumes”.
Suggestions for height adjustment–
+1 on adjusting the z height with each pass to keep the focal length the same and +1 on some air assist as the smoke will reduce the laser’s power. With both mods, you’d cut through in fewer passes.


How to 3D printed Copy Any Object

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How to 3D print copy any object. According to Switch & Lever,” Copying physical items is not as easy as copying a piece of paper, you can’t exactly stick it into a copy machine. However, surprisingly technology for how to copy physical objects have come a long way in recent years, and have also become available for those without deep pockets. In this video we’re copying a couple of different objects, using different methods, with different rates of success.”:)



Dr. 3d Printer (3D printers Server Octoprint vs Repetier comparison)

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According to Ron Place, he is our Dr for Dr. 3D Printer (3D printers Server Octoprint vs Repetier comparison),” This is the video showing a comparison between Octoprint and Repetier Server. They are both great alternatives”.:)





Control your 3d printer with Repetier Server

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According to the Teknogeek1300,” Repetier Server Touchscreen Tutorial for Printrbot & Other 3d Printers.”

Control your 3d printer from everywhere – anytime!

Dr. 3d Printer (Control and monitor your 3D printer with OctoPrint)

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According to the OctoPrint,”this is Free and Open Source Software released under the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).

You can use the same Slicer.

All its source code is available everyone can modify it to their own needs”.:)




The smartest remote for your 3D printer(s) !

Dr. 3d Printer(Removable magnetic 3D printing surface)

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According to Angus,” He is from Maker’s Muse. He is the Dr. 3D printer for our research category. Whenever I 3D print any object it always gets stuck over the surface and breaks the object.
It is a good idea to use removable magnetic 3D printing surface. I am using the comments for my post or using cotton fabric as a 3d printed surface for the very inexpensive way. In the USA it’s possible to purchase magnetic vent covers in hardware stores like Home Depot or OSH or building stores. They are designed to cover the heating or cooling vents in your house. They’re just large flexible sheets of magnetic material.
In Australia, you can buy from the A4 sized magnetic sheet from Officeworks for $5.
you can also get self-adhesive neodymium sheets with a much stronger pull but are good to 100 degrees. There are also higher temp but lower pull sheets, but usually flexible sheets they tend to use a grade of vinyl that starts to deform around 125 degrees or so. Also, Spring temper carbon steel is often sold as hardened shim stock sheets, which you can get a little cheaper occasionally and are usually toleranced well for thickness (if it is flat… sometimes it is cut off a roll and a little bowed). If you can find a hardened piece of 1095 steel that happens to be flat, that’ll work too. “sample sheet” packs which are often 4”-6” square and are only a few bucks.
some users use the buildtak removable heat bed and the sprint steel is really high-quality stuff.
Some people use I use a sheet of 6mm acrylic held down with clips.
Some other viewers are using the sheet of 300 x 300 spring steel for about 16 GBP, around 30 AUD for you, you have to order it and it is laser cut for whatever size you want, China will be next LOL, RobUK”.:)