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3D-Printed tiny home where innovation meets affordability.

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Construction innovation often comes with a hefty price tag. But what if we told you that a Japanese company has managed to 3D print a concrete tiny home for the same price as an average car? For years, the concept of 3D-printed homes has tantalized our imaginations. The idea of a machine constructing an entire house, layer by layer, seemed like science fiction. However, this technology has rapidly evolved, and it’s no longer a distant dream. Japanese construction company In a world where housing prices continue to soar, Japan-based housing company Serendix is pioneering an innovative solution that could change the way we think about homeownership. This achievement is not only impressive but potentially transformative.

Serendix made waves back in March 2022 when they unveiled the ‘serendix10,’ a 3D-printed home that took less than 24 hours to print. By October, all six editions of this revolutionary home had been sold out. Riding on the success of the serendix10, the company embarked on a new venture—designing and constructing the serendix50, also known as the ‘barnacle model.’The inspiration behind the serendix50 was the demand from older married couples seeking a comfortable home for their retirement years. The result? A 538-square-foot masterpiece created in just 44 hours and 30 minutes. What’s particularly interesting about the serendix50 is that it combines two digital fabrication techniques: 3D printing for the framework and CNC cutting for the roofing.

The serendix50 comes with a price tag of $34,000. Yes, you read that right—$34,000! That’s a staggering 90% less than the average house price in Japan. It’s a game-changer, making homeownership a reality for many who might have thought it was out of reach. With this achievement, Serendix is opening the door to a future where ordinary people can purchase high-quality, safe, and affordable homes without the burden of a mortgage.
Serendix’s statement perfectly captures the essence of this breakthrough: “Until now, the house was haute couture (depending on the craftsman), and it was natural that the cost was high at tens of millions of yen. In the automotive industry, 40 years ago, the price reduction of products began due to the innovation of the manufacturing process using robots. We believe that the 3D printer house is the beginning of complete robotization of the housing industry.”This isn’t just a technological feat; it’s a societal shift. It’s akin to how robots revolutionized the automotive industry four decades ago, making cars more accessible to the masses. Now, Serendix is doing the same for the housing industry, marking the dawn of a new era. The serendix50 joins the ranks of impressive projects. It showcases the potential of 3D printing in creating affordable housing solutions, addressing one of the most pressing challenges of our time. It’s not just about constructing houses; it’s about reshaping the way we envision homeownership.

As we look to the future, projects like the serendix50 remind us that innovation knows no bounds. It’s a testament to human ingenuity and the limitless possibilities of technology. With affordable 3D-printed houses on the horizon, the dream of owning a home can become a reality for more people than ever before. Serendix has ignited a spark of hope, and we can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.

By Niall Patrick Walsh.“Japan’s Serendix Completes ‘Serendix50’: A 3D-Printed House for the Price of a Car.” Aug 17, ’23 11:42 AM EST. Japanese company delivers 3D printed home bought for the price of a car.


Advancements in Athlete safety and performance with 3D Printing.

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Technology has always been a driving force behind the evolution of sports equipment, making it more standardized, efficient, and accessible. In recent times, the world of sports has witnessed a transformative shift with the emergence of 3D printing technology. Also referred to as additive manufacturing, this precision tool can construct a wide array of materials, bringing about innovative changes across various industries. Let’s delve into how 3D printing is making a significant impact on the world of sports.

Keeping Athletes in the Game: Revolutionary Recovery Aids; A safe and swift return to the game is paramount for athletes recovering from injuries. 3D printing has opened new avenues in injury treatment and recovery. The Cavendish Imagine Sports Mask exemplifies this innovation by creating protective masks tailored to an athlete’s unique facial measurements. By utilizing 3D scanning technology, these masks offer unparalleled fit and protection, allowing athletes to stay active during their recovery phase. Staying a Step Ahead: Personalized Performance Enhancement; 3D-printed sports gear redefines how athletes receive the protection they need while optimizing performance. In sports like foot racing, where repetitive impacts can lead to long-term damage, 3D printing is coupled with data-driven technology for customized solutions. Orthotics specialists employ dynamic gait analysis to create detailed foot models. This technique helps design orthotics that provide optimal support, reducing the risk of foot and ankle injuries. Custom-printed helmets, braces, mouthguards, and other gear offer enhanced comfort, safety, and a lighter fit.

While 3D-printed sports gear is already revolutionizing safety and support, it has the potential to propel athletes to new heights. Integrating 3D printing in vehicle sports, such as cycling, is changing the game. Teams are exploring using lightweight 3D-printed materials, such as titanium, for bicycle components. These materials are structurally optimized for improved aerodynamics and reduced weight, resulting in faster and more efficient vehicles. 3D printing is ushering in a new era of sports innovation, from enhancing athlete safety to unlocking unprecedented performance levels. As customization, precision, and lightweight design become integral parts of sports gear, athletes across various disciplines are poised to achieve new milestones. The fusion of 3D printing and sports is not just about equipment; it’s about pushing the boundaries of what athletes can achieve.

Jeremy Bowler Updated: 04-08-2023. Is 3D Printing Changing The World Of Sports.