3d printing in medicine

Jobs ( Sales Associate Job )

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Jobs ( Sales Associate Job )

Sales Associate Job





Mindset about 3d printing

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Mindset about 3d printing

3d printing is being used in almost every field: medicine, food industry, fashion, dental, automobiles, and so on.  As  technology advances, 3d printing will become more important.

As soon as technology will improve 3d printing will rise.  This is a quote (comment) from a reader.

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Bone Implant with 3D Printer

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Bone Implant with 3D Printer


In Russia scientists are using 3D Printer for bone implant using polymer matrix material.

They are using biodegradable product, this material is same material as body make the bone.

Disabled Wisconsin Duck walks with 3D Printed Feet

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Disabled Wisconsin Duck walks with 3D Printed Feet


A duck named Phillip lost his feet to frostbite in Wisconsin.  He was found by a teacher Vicki Rabe-Harrison who first considered euthanizing him considering his condition.  Instead, she contacted Jason Jischke, a middle school teacher who had a 3D printer in his class.  Jason asked her not to put Phillip down.  Jason worked with his students to develop feet for Phillip.  After multiple attempts, finally they managed to 3D print feet that fit Phillip.  Phillip struggled initially with the prosthetic feet but figured out fast how to use them.  He got a second life thanks to his 3D printed feet.  Phillip now lives in Wisconsin’s Autumn Farm Sanctuary, near Lake Michigan with other duck friends.







Chinese Surgeons take help of 3D Printed Models for Separating Conjoined Twins

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Chinese Surgeons take help of 3D Printed Models for Separating Conjoined Twins


For the first time, surgeons in China used 3D printing technology to help with surgery for separating conjoined twins.  Surgeons at Fudan University Children Hospital in Shanghai used 3D printing models to help understand the anatomical structure of the body of three month old conjoined twin girls.  The doctors sent data gathered using CT and MRI scans of the conjoined twins to a 3D printing company.  The 3D printing company built 3D models of the body parts of the conjoined twins. The 3D model gave the surgeons a better idea of the anatomical structure of the body of the conjoined twins and helped the surgeons plan the surgery.  Doctors performed successful surgery and separated the conjoined twins.








3d Decoration in Mountain View California

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3d Decoration in Mountain View California

It’s surprising we are in the generation of full of opportunities.We can use 3d in cooking  food, decorate our house, medical,daily use things and much more.In Mountain View California UPS has 3D Printing available.