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Materialise 2015 World Conference.

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According to the Materialise World Conference, ” 2015 invites world’s leading thinkers and doers in 3D printing, from clinical, to biomedical, to industrial, Engineering, and other fields and companies that have the visionary approach.
It will provide a forum to discuss various topics including safer and better solutions for patients, the added value of 3D printers for current and future medical applications, and how will this evolve.¨


White house first 3D Printed ornament challenge announced

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In 2014, the White House announced its first 3D printed ornament challenge, calling on makers and designers to create unique 3D printed ornaments representing their state or territory. The use of 3D printing technology in creating ornaments for national events or ceremonies, do you think this represents a significant shift in how we create and design ornaments, or is it simply a new tool to add to the existing repertoire of ornament-making techniques?

White House First 3D Printed Ornament Contest.

White House First 3D Printed Ornament Contest.¨


Winners of first-ever White House 3D Printed Ornament Challenge announced

white house 3D printed ornament design winners decorate the east wing

How do you think using 3D printing technology may change the ornament-making industry?