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18th Expo Osaka (DMS Osaka)

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18th Expo Osaka (DMS Osaka).
This is the 18th DMS Osaka Expo for Design Engineering and Manufacturing; It has CAD and 3D printer measurement zone solutions.

OCT 7 – 9, 2015.

The DMS Osaka Expo is an annual trade fair on design engineering and manufacturing in Osaka, Japan. The event aims to showcase the latest technological advancements and innovations in the manufacturing industry and bring together manufacturers, suppliers, buyers, and industry experts worldwide.

The expo features various exhibits, including machinery and equipment, materials and components, factory automation, 3D printing, IoT, and robotics. It also includes various seminars and conferences where industry experts share their insights and knowledge on the latest trends and developments in the manufacturing sector.

The DMS Osaka Expo provides an excellent platform for businesses to showcase their products and services, network with potential partners and customers, and gain insights into the latest industry trends and technologies.


3D printing and Virtual Reality Expo in Tokyo.

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According to 3D and Virtual Reality Expo (IVR),” this is an exhibition of the latest 3D technology and super high definition image technology. The exhibition is held in Tokyo, Japan. In 2015, the 23rd IVR exhibition was held from June 24th to 26th. The exhibition attracts people from various industries such as manufacturing, amusement, broadcasting, image production, content production, telecommunication, and so on.  The exhibition also attracts people from public offices, universities, and research centers.¨