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3D printed clothes are adaptable for body temperature and stress.

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According to the Chromat,” they are producing clothes that can sense a wearer’s body and environment and react accordingly, for example, the clothing can sense a wearer’s temperature, adrenaline, and stress level and adapt accordingly. The Chromat Adrenaline Dress senses the wearer’s adrenaline and knows that the wearer is threatened. The clothes react as a body is supposed to react in nature by forming an imposing shape. This behavior commonly occurs in nature but not in humans. Chromat clothing is bringing this ability back to the human body. Another clothing wonder from Chromat is the Aeros Sports Bra that senses heat and sweat in the wearer’s body and opens vents in the dress to help the body cool down.

Chromat is based in New York City and was formed by Becca McCharen in 2010. Chromat garments have been worn by Beyoncé, Madonna, Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Ellie Goulding, Kelly Rowland, Tyra Banks, Azealia Banks, Ariana Grande among others. Becca McCharen was recognized in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list of “People Who Are Reinventing the World in 2014”.


3D Printed Adrenaline Dress from Chromat Knows When You Feel Stressed.

Chromat #TECHTALKS: 3D Printing.

Chromat SS16: Momentum.








3D printed outfit that responds to gaze.

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According to Behnaz Farahi,” he is an architect and designer have created a 3D printed outfit that can recognize a gaze of a person looking at the outfit and can respond to the gaze.  This work was created as part of the Pier 9, Artist in Residence Program of Autodesk. The 3D printed wearable uses a camera to detect the gaze of a person and changes its shape in response.

The Pier 9 Artists in Residence program gives artists an opportunity to work at digital fabrication workshops of Autodesk.  Artists receive funding and budget for supplies and publish their work.¨


prosthetic knowledge.