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3D Printing Jobs (Sales Manager, Med Tech / Life Sciences)

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3D Printing Jobs (Sales Manager, Med Tech / Life Sciences)

Redwood City
Life Sciences

3D printed sensors can help us find parking spot

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3D printed sensors can help us find parking spot

Every time  whenever we go to popular city, our first question is where we are going to park the car. It  is hassle to find parking spot in big cities even though it is paid parking.

Sometimes all the parking lots are full, sign says no parking . So keep mood happy  before going to crowded place why don’t we take 3d printed sensor with us and have a good fun time!!!!

Dutch startup Parkeagle  is making parking easier for drivers. They are using  smart sensors and 3D printing to help parking spots SLS to FDM 3D printing, which helped to cut down on both production costs and overall production time.

They connect wireless USB device  for 3D printed  platform. Formide, and Katana   both are apps for free slicing. PARKEAGLE, was able to help the startup create physical models of its designs to show to potential investors while further developing and optimizing the sensor enclosure design.

PARKEAGLE  participated in competition, which took place in Amsterdam this past September. 🙂




The best 3d Printers (2017)

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The best 3d Printers (2017)


Every year 3D Printers getting improve and more user friendly. This year’s categories are based on mainly, “production by consumers”. 3D Printers have better quality and more features so we can use 3d printers easily.

Makergear M2 is $1,825 it is in the top rating . The rating is 9.2, and The Ultimaker 2+ is in the top list too and rating is 9.1. It build incredible quality prints.





HP Multi Jet Fusion technology

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HP Multi Jet Fusion technology

HP has introduced a Multi Jet Fusion technology for 3D printing.  The multi jet fusion technology offers better speed and control compared to other printing technologies.

dual carriage system separates functions of writing and coating.   Therefore each function is separately optimized for performance and productivity.  The Hp technology can transform the properties of each volumetric pixel (voxel).  For example, the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printers can print each voxel in a different color.  HP expects to make millions of colors available for 3D printing.  Other than color, HP expects to be able to control other properties, for example, opacity, conductivity, surface roughness, strength, elasticity, to name a few.






Thermaltake: PC Customization Using 3D Printing

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Thermaltake: PC Customization Using 3D Printing


Thermaltake is a manufacturer of PC cases designs, power supplies and cooling solutions.  Thermaltake has launched a website for custom PC modification using 3D printing.  The website provides downloads of designs for building custom PCs and also allows users to submit their designs.  According to their website “Thermaltake is intended to build an innovative brand by incorporating with “Maker Movement” ideas. Thus, we offer a 3D printing platform for anyone who loves “DIY” and “Modding” to discuss and share the innovation and creation of customized case components and accessories.”





RapidReady Article on ThermalTake

Solar Sinter: A Solar Powered 3D Printer for Making Glass Objects from Sand

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Solar Sinter: A Solar Powered 3D Printer for Making Glass Objects from Sand


SLS (selective laser sintering) is one of the processes used by 3D printers.  The SLS process uses powdered raw material such as plastic, glass, metal, ceramic.  A laser is directed at the powdered material to selectively fuse the material.  Layers of the fused material are created to form a 3D object.

Markus Kayser, a designer and researcher born in Germany used the idea behind the SLS technology to develop solar sinter, a 3D printer that uses sand as the powdered raw material and solar energy to produce glass objects.  Both solar energy and sand are available in abundance for free.  So once a solar sinter is made, an unlimited supply of 3D objects can be created for free.

The first solar sinter was manually operated and tested in the Moroccan desert in 2011.  A larger and fully-automated computer driven solar sinter was subsequently developed and tested in Egypt, near Sahara desert in 2012.  This is a brilliant and thought provoking experiment.  According to Markus Kayser, “The machine and the results of these first experiments presented here represent the initial significant steps towards what I envisage as a new solar-powered production tool of great potential.”

Solar Sinter Project



Australia’s 3d Printing Factory

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Australia’s 3d Printing Factory


Objective3D a 3d printer distributor in Australia has opened an Advanced Manufacturing Plant with over 15 machines.  This Australian manufacturing company can make different parts for small businesses.  This allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to try new products without incurring huge manufacturing costs.




3D Printed Dresses of your choice

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3D Printed Dresses of your choice


Nervous system, a design studio allows creation of 3D printed dresses.  The design studio runs a software that uses origami techniques.  The system generates segments of different sizes.  The segments are combined to form a garment.




3D Printing Services at Staples

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3D Printing Services at Staples


Staples has 3D printing services available that can make your ideas come to life.  You can drop off 3D printer designs and get them printed.