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3D Print Operations Technician

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3D Printing Jobs (3D Print Operations Technician)

3D Print Operations Technician

Milpitas California



California Design-2-part show

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California Design-2-part show

We always think, if we buy 3d printer. What about material. This convention is filled with information regarding 3d printing, material, material suppliers, design, software etc. ūüôā

Northern California Design-2-Part Show

May 24 & 25, 2017

Santa Clara Convention Center ‚ÄĘ Santa Clara, CA
Wednesday 9:30-4:00 and Thursday 9:30-4:00




3D printed houses ( DIY ) WOW!

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3D printed houses ( DIY ) WOW!

This will be DIY project for everybody. Making houses is always too much work. But not with 3d Printers. We always make small or big things with the help of 3d Printers. Now 3d Printed house! WOW ūüôā

Apis Cor  is the Company, making the body of this 409 square foot house was built in 24 hours by a 3D printer in Russia.



St. Patrick’s Day Gift Boxes(DIY )

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St. Patrick’s Day Gift Boxes

3D Printed Box Accessories

Box :  

We have selected some of the Box designs if you would like to choose. ūüôā



Printer :

Monoprice Select

Mini 3D Printer with heated Build Plate

Prize :

$ 207.96

Best Feature :  

This Printer includes Micro SD Card and sample PLA Filament so don’t have to pay separate for the filament. This is one of the least price¬†3d printer. Have fun with your Creativity.

Design : 



CAM / CNC and Laser cutting

Prize :

$ 207.96

Alerts :   Always   Caution for Laser, Chemicals, Equipment, Other Hazardous things. Be                        careful, Use proper precaution for using anything related.
¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Please read manual properly before handling anything. ūüôā

Thermaltake: PC Customization Using 3D Printing

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Thermaltake: PC Customization Using 3D Printing


Thermaltake is a manufacturer of PC cases designs, power supplies and cooling solutions. ¬†Thermaltake has launched a website for custom PC modification using 3D printing. ¬†The website provides downloads of designs for building custom PCs and also allows users to submit their designs. ¬†According to their website ‚ÄúThermaltake is intended to build an innovative brand by incorporating with ‚ÄúMaker Movement‚ÄĚ ideas. Thus, we offer a 3D printing platform for anyone who loves ‚ÄúDIY‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúModding‚ÄĚ to discuss and share the innovation and creation of customized case components and accessories.‚ÄĚ





RapidReady Article on ThermalTake

Gartner Predicts Rapid Growth For 3D Printer Market

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Gartner Predicts Rapid Growth For 3D Printer Market


Gartner forecasts that 3D printer shipments will double every year between 2016 and 2019.  According to Gartner, 3D printer shipments will exceed 5.6 million by 2019.  Pete Basiliere, research vice president at Gartner said that 3D printer market is transforming from a niche market to a broad based global market.  According to them, the low cost 3D printer market is being driven by schools and universities, rather than households.




Investing in 3D Printing: 3D Printing Robotics and Technology Fund

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Investing in 3D Printing: 3D Printing Robotics and Technology Fund


The first ever mutual fund focused on 3D printing and additive manufacturing was started in January 2014 and called 3D printing and Technology Fund.  In June 2015, the fund was renamed to 3D Printing Robotics and Technology Fund.  The fund is managed by 3D Printing Fund Advisers, LLC, with Alan M. Meckler as the Lead Portfolio Manager and John M. Meckler as Co-Portfolio Manager.  The fund can be bought online from  Schwab, Scottrade, Vanguard, or from the fund’s website http://www.3dpfund.com/.  The fund has Institutional Class shares (TDPIX) and Investor Class shares (TDPNX).  The top holdings of the fund include Stratasys, Autodesk, Dassault Systemes, Hewlett-Packard Co., General Electric Co., and so on.  Some of the larger companies such as General Electric Co. are included since they have been acquiring companies focused on 3D printing technology.

This is not an investment advice.  Before investing, please consult the prospectus of the fund.  Please visit the fund’s website (www.3dpfund.com) for further details.




Carbon3D Raises $100M from Google Ventures and Others

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Carbon3D Raises $100M from Google Ventures and Others


In June, 2015 we wrote about Carbon3D and its Continuous Liquid Interface Production technology (CLIP), that grows parts rather than printing them layer by layer as done by conventional 3D printers. ¬†Carbon3D recently closed a $100M series C round of funding lead by Google Ventures. ¬†Reinet Investments spokesman Anton Rupert said, ‚ÄúAfter evaluating Carbon3D‚Äôs CLIP technology, we believe it is a game-changer for complex manufacturing across many global market segments.‚ÄĚ ¬†According to Andy Wheeler, General Partner at Google Ventures, ‚ÄúCarbon3D‚Äôs technology has the potential to dramatically expand the 3D printing market beyond where it stands today and reshape the manufacturing landscape.‚ÄĚ Carbon3D, a Silicon Valley based company, was founded in 2013.







https://sv3dprinter.com/2015/06/04/polymer-based-3d-printing-from-carbon 3d/