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3D Printing and more ( Jobs ) Marketing and Sales Director – Jewelry

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3D Printing and more ( Jobs ) Marketing and Sales Director – Jewelry

Marketing and Sales Director – Jewelry

New York, United States ·





Mindset about 3d printing

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Mindset about 3d printing

3d printing is being used in almost every field: medicine, food industry, fashion, dental, automobiles, and so on.  As  technology advances, 3d printing will become more important.

As soon as technology will improve 3d printing will rise.  This is a quote (comment) from a reader.

If you have any comments or ideas or events related to Artificial Intelligence, Nano Technology, or 3d Printing or any 3D Printing Conference & Expo please let us know.  We will try to publish here.

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The Paris Air Show

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The Paris Air Show


3d Printing is transferring this generation to next generation with new innovations. The Paris Air Show is full of ideas about next generations aircraft and space vehicle.

We all have curiosity what  will be the next idea, what kind of advanced material will be and how much the cost. 🙂

June 19 – 25, 2017

The Paris Air Show




3D printed houses ( DIY ) WOW!

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3D printed houses ( DIY ) WOW!

This will be DIY project for everybody. Making houses is always too much work. But not with 3d Printers. We always make small or big things with the help of 3d Printers. Now 3d Printed house! WOW 🙂

Apis Cor  is the Company, making the body of this 409 square foot house was built in 24 hours by a 3D printer in Russia.



3D print Jobs ( Neo Metrix )

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3D  print   Jobs ( Neo Metrix )

If you have any idea or new technology in mind. Neo Metrix is asking to do project with them. 🙂


Curious about Nano Technology

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Curious about Nano Technology


Curious about Nano Technology ———————————— October 9th is the National Nanotechnology Day. Nano technology uses nano particles, those particles are very useful in our every day life style. It can protect our cell phone from water damage, we can make our clothes on demand, we can design, and we protect our house from water damage. […]

via Curious about Nano Technology — SV3DPRINTER.com

3D Scanning the Roberto Clemente Bridge

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3D Scanning the Roberto Clemente Bridge

We have good amount of knowledge about 3d printing technology. We are eager to know more advancement about 3d printing, and now scanning of Roberto Clemente Bridge.

Dr. 3D Printer -3D Printing Stop Wasting Plastic on Infill Percentage

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Dr. 3D Printer

3D Printing Stop Wasting Plastic on Infill Percentage

In our Dr. 3D Printer series we always try to have some new information or research based thing. Or little FUN sometimes.

We always don’t know what we are going to do for the plastic waste. With the help of this video, we are going to learn how can we use waste plastic. 🙂