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3D Printed Chess set Gift Box (DIY) Games

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3D Printed Chess set Gift Box (DIY) Games

Playing Chess is  good for BRAIN EXERCISE.:) Happy with luxurious lifestyle in life’s every day. Every day is important day. You can play with, like child plays. Make your own Chess ,use your own imagination, this is from scratch. 🙂

3D Printed Box Accessories :

Box :  

We have selected some of the Box designs if you would like to choose. 🙂




Printer :

RoBo 3D – R1 +Plus 3D Printer




Design :
RoBo 3D R1 Plus + 3D Printer: Create intricate 3D models using this 3D printer, which features a large 8″ x 9″ x 10″ print area and works with a wide variety of building materials for versatile printing options. Connect to your computer easily using the USB interface.
Best Feature:
simple connection to your Windows, Mac or Linux computer. The micro SD slot allows you to print from a memory card.
 Always   Caution for Laser, Chemicals, Equipment, Other Hazardous things. Be                    careful, Use proper precaution for using anything related. For using food material,             please wash it carefully and use proper precaution while using for making food         same as you do for regular cooking without 3D Printer.
Dream come true:
Now we can see our own imagination in reality. 🙂
Have Fun with your own ingredients.
Please read manual properly before handling anything. 🙂

3d Printing Book about earning money

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3d Printing Book about earning money

Adventures in 3D Printing: Limitless Possibilities and Profit Using 3D Printers


According to readers this is well explain book.  Filled with fun and short stories. 🙂

3D Printed American girl Doll

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3D Printed American girl Doll

Every little girl’s favorite, one of the  doll is American girl doll or doll who looked like her.


Makies FabLab” App



Earn Money with 3D Printer

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Earn Money with 3D Printer

We love 3d printers. We like to watch videos but don’t know how to earn money with 3d printer. My Community Treasures  are so enthusiast, they really like 3d printers and use it as a professional.

Today we are starting how to earn money with 3d printer i hope you will like it. 🙂


Valentine Heart Gears

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Valentine Heart Gears

3D printing and Valentin’s  gears are came together in 3d Printing world. This is so incredible, now we can express our feelings in our own personal way. 🙂

It has Fun and Creativity so we can fulfill our own ideas. We can use different materials, including edible material or ornaments or anything whatever we like because this is from scratch. 🙂


Ultimaker makes a backpack for its 3D printers

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Ultimaker makes a backpack for its 3D printers




Ultimaker’s 3D printers will now ship out with a backpack, so you can take them anywhere you want. Now, we don’t know why you’d want to to lug a big device around, but we won’t judge. Maybe you want to impress a cute, geeky date or print out anything you want to on the go. Or maybe, like the team behind 3DPrinterOS — those two dudes in the picture above — you actually need to carry a printer with you for something important, such as teaching 3D printing classes. Whatever your reasons are, this backpack designed to carry the printer in its foam packaging is at least a safer option than regular bags. So, next time a friend moans about the need for a special weapon that can up their Pokémon Go game, you can say “I got you, bro.”

via Ultimaker makes a backpack for its 3D printers — AIVAnet

What Can 3D Printers Make?

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What Can 3D Printers Make?


So, you know you can print things in 3D by now right? Well you’re probably interested to find out what you could actually make with a 3D printer if you had one. Let it be known that images are worth a thousand words, so here are 10 things you can make with a 3D printer! […]

via What Can 3D Printers Make? — 3D-Kings

3D Printed Electric Unicycle

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3D Printed Electric Unicycle



Actually riding around at 30 km/h on a 3D printed means of transportation is pretty gnarly, if not foolhardy. So we were actually pleased when we dug deeper and discovered that [E-Mat]’s unicycle build is actually just a very nice cover and battery holder. We say “just”, but a 3D-printed design takes a couple of…

via 3D Printed Electric Unicycle — Hackaday

MakerGirl Using 3D Printing to Bring STEM to Girls

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MakerGirl Using 3D Printing to Bring STEM to Girls



MakerGirl brings 3D printing, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) to life for girls.  MakerGirl teaches 3D printing to young girls while teaching them about cutting edge technology, new companies, women leaders in STEM, and so on.  MakerGirl is a non-profit organization started by young women from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  They work through donations that fund scholarships for underprivileged girls and provide STEM-related opportunities to girls in rural areas.   They offer sessions in Champaign, Southern Illinois, and Chicago.  They have launched MakerGirl Mobile, a 3D Printing Lab on Wheels, that for conducting 3D printing sessions for girls all over the country.






MakerGirl Youtube Channel



Star Wars BB-8 Replica 3D printed

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Star Wars BB-8 Replica 3D printed



J R Bedard, a software engineer from Montreal, Canada, 3D printed a replica of the BB-8 robot from the new Star Wars movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens.  The 3D printed replica runs on wheels and is remote controlled.  Bedard 3D printed the body of Bb-8 and hand painted it with nail polish.





Mattel and Autodesk Partner for 3D Printing of Toys

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Mattel and Autodesk Partner for 3D Printing of Toys


In their first quarter earnings call on April 16, 2015, Mattel announced, an exclusive partnership with Autodesk.  Autodesk, Inc., is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software.  Mattel is a family of companies leading in the design, manufacture and marketing of toys and related products. Mattel’s portfolio includes Barbie®, Hot Wheels®, American Girl®, Thomas & Friends®, Fisher-Price® brands among others.  Richard Dickson, COO of Mattel said during the call, “We want Mattel to be at the forefront as 3D printing becomes an important component of the toy industry. And through this partnership, Mattel 3D printing apps, activated by Autodesk, will soon deepen brand experiences for kids, parents, and collectors alike, by offering them the opportunity to customize their favorite toys.”

Autodesk has developed Spark, an open professional 3D printing platform (https://spark.autodesk.com.)  Spark enables businesses to add 3D printing functionality to applications.  Samir Hanna, VP and General Manager, Autodesk said “Partnering with an iconic brand like Mattel provides us with an opportunity to demonstrate how Spark, our open 3D printing platform, can help create amazing experiences that bridge the digital and physical worlds and push the boundaries of creative play.”









3D Printer for making toys from Play-Doh

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3D Printer for making toys from Play-Doh


Play-Doh 3D Printer can make toys from play-doh.  The printer can be assembled quickly. The Play-Doh printer can be plugged into an iPad.   A free app called iPlay-Doh 3D can be used to design toys and print them using the Play-Doh 3D printer.