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3D printing’s transformative power

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Merck proves 3D printing’s transformative power.
According to Michele D’Alessandro, vice president and CIO of manufacturing IT at Merck & Co, “Over the past four years, Merck has increasingly leveraged advancements in Additive Manufacturing (3D printing) to establish state-of-the art capabilities aimed to enable and drive innovation across our enterprise.”


Merck proves 3D printing’s transformative power



3D printed global habitat for sustainable living

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According to Mapei, a worldwide producer of construction materials, “TECLA will be the first house to be entirely 3D printed using locally sourced clay.
A biodegradable and recyclable ‘km 0 natural’ material which will effectively make the building zero-waste.”

Delta WASP 2040 PRO

P r e s s R e l e a s e 2 2 O c t o b e r 2 0 1 9 W A S P a n d M a r i o C u c i n e l l a A r c h i t e c t s p r e s e n t T E C L A A 3 D p r i n t e d g l o b a l h a b i t a t f o r s u s t a i n a b l e l i v i n g


TECLA, a 3D printed global habitat for sustainable living

One Piece 20th Anniversary Manga to Life with 3D Printing

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According to Massivit 3D Printing, “One Piece 20th Anniversary Manga to Life with 3D Printing. One Piece manga fans had a chance to get interactive with their favorite One Piece manga characters that were 3D printed in huge sizes for the publication’s 20th Anniversary celebrations. Fans used the event app’s augmented reality videos to film themselves together with the 24 giant 3D printed props and to customize the videos and share them on social media.”


Onepiece 3D models

Diwali celebration with 3D printing technology

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Diwali celebration with 3D printing technology.

3D printed Diya. According to 3D Spectra Technologies, “Here are some coolest ideas for Diwali decoration:
3D Printed Lamps:

This is the unique item which you can get printed this year to amaze everyone out there. Choose your own design, colors and size to get started. Print a lamp for your outdoor decoration or indoor balcony beautification; it will look stunning.

You can print lamps of different sizes for your every decorative area. You can fix a LED light in it; this will make the lamp glow beautifully in the night. You can also try colorful candles with the 3d printed lamps which are small in size.”

According to The Wolfpack,” If you would like to 3D print your own “row of lamps,” you can find the file on Thingiverse. It is the Filigree Double Wall Tealight Holder by “graph”: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:1751738.”



Lema Labs


3D Spectra Technologies


Celebrating the Festival of Lights with Diwali 3D-Printed Lamps

Filigree double wall tealight holder

3D Printing Chocolate Creations

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According to the lead author of the research paper, Dr. Rahul Karyappa from SUTD and Principal investigator, Assistant Professor Michinao Hashimoto from SUTD, “The simplicity and flexibility of Ci3DP offer great potential in fabricating complex chocolate-based products without the need for temperature control.

Ci3DP is capable of fabricating customized food in a wide range of materials with tailored textures and optimized nutritional content. This new approach also widens the industry’s capabilities in 3D food printing, allowing for the cold-extrusion of food products that are temperature-sensitive.”

The concept of chocolate-based ink 3D printing (Ci3DP) involves liquid chocolate products mixed with edible additives and printed by a direct ink writing (DIW) 3D printer at room temperature. The formulated inks allowed easy extrusion through the syringes and nozzles and form self-supporting layers after extrusion to maintain the printed structures.



3D Printing Could Revolutionize Chocolate Creations

3D Printing zero-waste products are coming

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According to Peter H. Diamandis, MD, “3D Printing zero-waste products are coming, Welcome to the 2030 era of tailor-made, rapid-fire, ultra-cheap, and zero-waste product creation… on our planet, and far beyond. 3D Printing on the ISS.
Today, the most expensive supply chain in the known universe extends only 241 miles. Jutting straight up from mission control down here on Earth, this resupply network extends directly to the astronauts aboard the International Space Station (or the ISS).”

3D Printing Everything: Ultra-Cheap, Zero-Waste Products Are Coming

Singularity University

How 3D Printing, Vertical Farming

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According to van der Feltz, the Eindhoven High Tech Campus, a 90-minute train ride south of Amsterdam, You can create optimal growing conditions for the crop and you don’t need to wash it. The washing process damages the leaves and causes them to decay faster. Having the growth facility nearby decreases travel time and means the food will be fresher.”

How 3D Printing, Vertical Farming, and Materials Science Are Overhauling Food

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Europe’s Huge New Vertical Farm

Staay Food Group

Philips opens GrowWise Center to advance LED growth recipes

The National University of Singapore

3D Printers Reshape University Teaching and Research

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According to Tony Frankino assistant professor of biology in the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Houston, “If you can think of it, you can print it.
The concept of 3D printing has been around since the 1980s, but advances in the technology – along with reduced costs – have made the printers more practical for everyday use in academia.
A number of UH researchers have added 3D printers to their labs over the past few years. The College of Optometry installed one in 2003, and the number has grown steadily since.
He used one of the printers installed in the Information Technology Center at the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics to build a series of small wind tunnels that one of his Ph.D. students, Drew Russey, used to study fruit flies and their ability to adapt to new environments. Frankino also used the printer to make smaller scale models of the wind tunnels to take to conferences and lectures, a visual aid to explain the research.”

University of Houston

3D Printers Reshape University Teaching and Research