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3D Printing in Science Conference

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3D Printing in Science Conference

Halle 19, Raum New York 16.05. – 17.05.2017





Dr. 3 D Printer : First layer issues in 3d printing

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Dr. 3 D Printer: First layer issues in 3d printing

In our Dr. Printer series we talk about and share experts videos.

In this post we found out why we have wrinkly first layer. 🙂

Microfluids and 3D Printing

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Microfluids and 3D Printing

NC State’s enthusiasts are doing lot of work for Microfluids. They found the liquid metal can be transform into 3d printed product.

This is fast and simple technique for making human body parts or metal objects.

According to Sidra Waheed, Joan M. Cabot, Niall P. Macdonald, Trevor Lewis,
3D printing has the potential to significantly change the field of microfluidics. The ability to fabricate a complete microfluidic device in a single step from a computer model has obvious attractions.

3D printing & medical applications

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3D printing & medical applications

3D printing reduce the work time and it has solution and advancement for the medical field. Carsten Engel is  biomedical engineer from the University of Brussels (ULB).currently he is working as a researcher at SIRRIS (Collective Centre of the Belgian Technology Industry) which has the biggest European Additive Manufacturing machine parc. His main work involves R&D projects in the field of biomedical and aerospace applications.

Scientists Aim to 3D Print Organs for Those in Need

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http://ift.tt/2fpkBd5 A woman living on a dialysis machine is grown a new kidney using her own cells. A father struggling with age-related vision loss has his eyesight restored. A soldier suffers extensive burns and has his skin regenerated. This is a glimpse of the holy grail of regenerative medicine. The ultimate goal of the field […]

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