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3D Printer heart technology transformed cardiac treatment to save teen’s life

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The advancements in 3D printer heart technology have brought about transformative changes in the lives of many individuals, including teenagers. Sarah is a 16-year-old girl with a complex congenital heart defect. Her condition deteriorated despite numerous surgeries and treatments, severely impacting her quality of life. She experienced fatigue, shortness of breath, and limited physical activity. Sarah’s medical team was concerned about her long-term prognosis and explored alternative treatment options.

A breakthrough occurred in the 3D printer heart technology field during this time. Researchers had successfully developed the capability to 3D print patient-specific artificial hearts tailored to fit an individual’s unique anatomy. These artificial hearts were designed to closely mimic the structure and function of a natural heart, improving compatibility and reducing the risk of rejection. A team of engineers and medical professionals collaborated to design a customized artificial heart specifically for Sarah. The 3D printer heart technology allowed them to create a detailed heart model, layer by layer, using biocompatible materials. The resulting artificial heart replicated the intricate network of blood vessels, valves, and chambers necessary for proper cardiovascular function.

The medical team carefully removed her diseased heart and implanted the 3D-printed heart. The surgery was successful, and Sarah woke up with a fully functional artificial heart beating inside her chest. The advent of 3D printer hearts improves their physical well-being and provides hope for a brighter future where organ transplantation becomes more accessible and successful.

By Lorna Fernandes,

How 3D Printer Heart Technology Changed a Teen’s Life.

Sea Turtle thrives with 3D-Printed shell piece Years after procedure

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In collaboration with the University of California, San Diego’s Digital Media Lab, the Birch Aquarium created a 3D-printed brace shell for the turtle. The brace was designed to support and stabilize the turtle’s damaged shell, which had a hole causing curvature in its spine. By providing structural support to the turtle’s shell, the brace aimed to aid in healing and improve its overall health.

Over several years, with the assistance of the 3D-printed brace, the turtle’s health gradually improved. The brace helped to repair and strengthen its damaged shell, allowing the turtle to move more freely and reducing the strain on its spine. The ongoing care and support provided by the Birch Aquarium, along with the innovative use of 3D printing technology, contributed to the sea turtle’s successful recovery.

Sea Turtle with 3D-Printed Shell Piece Continues to Thrive Years After Innovative Procedure.