3D Printed Balanced food

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How 3D Printing, Vertical Farming

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According to van der Feltz, the Eindhoven High Tech Campus, a 90-minute train ride south of Amsterdam, You can create optimal growing conditions for the crop and you don’t need to wash it. The washing process damages the leaves and causes them to decay faster. Having the growth facility nearby decreases travel time and means the food will be fresher.”

How 3D Printing, Vertical Farming, and Materials Science Are Overhauling Food

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Europe’s Huge New Vertical Farm

Staay Food Group

Philips opens GrowWise Center to advance LED growth recipes

The National University of Singapore

3D printed personalized nutrition

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According to Anrich3D, “Food is made into a paste and extruded through an extruder that can be fed with paste continuously. Multiple extruders working together can allow for multi-material printing. Thus, each ingredient can be dispensed in the precise amount according to the individual’s nutritional, aesthetic palatability requirement.”

Anrich3D Wants to 3D Print Food Personalized Just For You


The 3D-Printed architectural pastry

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According to

“Dinara Kasko creates highly artistic, edible cakes using 3D printers. In her talk, Dinara will tell us how she shifted from architecture to the baking industry! Dinara Kasko describes herself as an architectural pastry chef coming from Ukraine. She is creating highly artistic, edible cakes through the use of 3D printers. In her TEDx Talk, Dinara will tell her story about how she has shifted from architecture to the baking industry resulting in a combination of both fields.

Moreover, her professional career and the choices she made show that due to the emergence of new technologies people get the possibility to tap into completely new fields either in their personal life or in their work life. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.”

According to Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko (TedX talk) architectural pastry chef, Dmitri Shurygin, Shurygin Jonquils Café & Bakery, “It’s very interesting in terms of texture and flavor profile. What can be more beautiful than a cake?
Each dessert has up to six layers. The Lime Basil, for example, has lime jelly, marshmallow cream, cheese mousse, white sponge and coconut.”


BostInno Tries: The 3D-Printed Desserts That Are Reinventing Baking

3D Printing News Alert(3D Printed Balanced food)(Vevor 3D Latte Coffee Printer)

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The idea to purchase the Vevor 3D Latte Coffee Printer came from the Creme’s owner, Adam Patterson, who was introduced to the idea while traveling in Israel, “Adam saw it in Israel, and he loved the idea, so he ordered one for here,” said the Creme’s general manager Ashley Vanover. When you come in, we can take your photo right there using a webcam, and then your photo prints on top of your drink. It was quite a process to get it running, I’m not going to lie, Cox said. I had to troubleshoot some of the programmings, and get some people to help me with it”.


3D Printing News Alert(3D printing of biomaterials)

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According to UC Berkeley professor of mechanical engineering and leader of the team Boris Rubinsky,” the 3D printing of biomaterials like organs and food a lot more viable. The problem with 3D bioprinting is that it is a very slow process, so you can’t print anything big because the biological materials will deteriorate by the time you finish. They designed the device. One of our innovations is that we freeze the material as it is being printed so that the biological material is preserved, and we can control the freezing rate”.



3D Printed Food recipe (Chew )(3D Printed Hummus)

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3D Printed Hummus. According to, “Dolphin Days 3D food printed with Sabra Dipping Company hummus.

One of our favorite things to do on Saturdays is to head down to Dana Point and catch dolphins swimming by. #foodinspiration
3D food printing fast facts:

It’s real food. You control the ingredients. Load it, and print it.
Dream it, do it. Easy to use onboard user interface filled with pre-loaded designs or upload your own brand’s logo, shapes, .jpgs or create text to tell any story you wish.
Personalize, experiment, automate, story tell, reduce food waste and more.
Of course, you can eat it! We already had it for breakfast.

3dfoodprinting.us. Distributor of Foodini brand 3D food printers in the U.S. Contact us for demo”.


3D Printed Food recipe (Chew )(3D printed earth cook chips)

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According to the Danish Technological Institute,” has collaborated with the gourmet chef Kenneth Toft-Hansen on the 3D-printed molds used in the Bocuse d’Or – World Cup for chefs Bocuse d’Or, in Lyon. Earth cook chips made in silicone form after 3D printed layout. the red beetroot with naturally drawn leaves, which we worked long on for the final in Bocuse d’Or, came out as perfect as it did because when you make that kind of molds, there is a lot you have to be noted. But with 3D print, one has to put down its limitations, because what could not be done earlier can be done now. 3D-print builds the product out of paper-thin layers that are laser-layered one layer at a time based on CAD models that are created in a computer. The 3D print makes it possible to create advanced and natural forms that cannot be produced in the traditional way. Kenneth Toft-Hansen’s dishes were prepared under the theme Flora Danica following the classic reference works on Danish flowers and plants”.