DeeGreen and DeeRed.

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According to the be3D, ” this is a 3D printer manufacturer headquartered in the Czech Republic and founded by David Miklas. Be3D started developing 3D printers in 2012.  Be3D started with a 3D printer DeeOrange, a small personal 3D printer. Based on experiences learned from DeeOrange, be3D developed a new model, the DeeGreen 3D printer.

Currently, Be3D offers two types of 3D printers: DeeGreen and DeeRed.  DeeGreen is an environmentally friendly 3D printer targeted towards schools, households, hobbyists, fashion designers, and so on.  DeeGreen uses Polylactic acid plastic made from cornstarch that is environmentally degradable.  DeeGreen is intended for office and home use.

DeeRed is a professional 3D printer with a spacious press chamber intended for industrial enterprises.  DeeRed is capable of 3D printing using different polymers.  DeeRed printer has two nozzles that allow it to print using two colors or two materials.

Both DeeGreen and DeeRed are enclosed in a chassis for reducing the risk of injury while 3D printing.  Both 3D printers are designed to be intuitive and easy to use and come with a  touchscreen panel. The touch screen allows a user to use the printer without connecting it to a computer.

In 2014, Y Soft, a Czech company acquired a 52% share of be3D.  Y Soft also provides a SafeQ print solution that allows organizations to manage and optimize their printing, copying, and scanning.¨


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