Prevention from Sticking

Prevention From Sticking

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Prevention From Sticking

From our Dr. 3D Printer Quote “Prevention from sticking”,

If you use little bit Nail Polish  Remover and rub with brush.

It will prevent the object to stick over the plate you are using to collect the object.

For doing any kind of 3D Printing, please use proper precautionary things like Goggles, Gloves, Apron, Wash your hands properly, remove any kind of material, toxic from your hands.

Using 3D print is not like doing work in Chemistry Lab, but i suggest using precaution prevent you from all the injuries, like if you touch the some of the object write away can be hot, or too much sticky to the plate, it can hurt you finger. Depends what kind of material you are using. Read the properties of the material and use it wisely.

Open all the windows when you do lab work.

Enjoy the object you made after your hard work.  🙂