Hospitals and 3D Labs

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According to Dr. Philipp Brantner,”the Co-Head of the 3D Printing Lab at the University Hospital of Basel, and in his presentation at the Materialise World Summit 2017 he reveals how his hospital has concretely implemented a working 3D printing process within the hospital structure, and what he recommends for other hospitals looking to start their own 3D printing labs”.


Health Canada policies on 3D-printed devices

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According to the Health Canada,” is pleased to announce that it is currently developing a draft guidance document to assist medical device manufacturers seeking to license 3D-printed devices.

Increasingly, 3D printing (or additive manufacturing) has brought new innovations in medical devices for healthcare professionals and patients and has become integral to healthcare systems. Hospitals, which manufacture 3D-printed implantable medical devices for distribution beyond their institution, qualify as a manufacturer and have to comply with the same regulatory obligations as other medical device manufacturers”.