Prodways 3D printing materials

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According to Prodways, “UV polymerization technology is designed to work with premium liquid resins, and also with composites in the form of pastes that contain high levels of ceramic, metal, fibers, or nano-particles and liquid resins, ceramic resins, polymer powders, Prodways is constantly working to develop new materials with unique mechanical properties (resistance and elasticity), physical properties, aesthetic properties (color and transparency, for example), and stability over time”.


3D-Printed Home For Under $4,000

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A family in France has become the first in the world to move into a 3D-printed house. The family just moved into a 3D-printed home . The house cost just $207,000, or £176,000 and took just 54 hours to build, plus another four months to add windows, doors and a roof. “For 2,000 years there hasn’t been a change in the paradigm of the construction process. We wanted to sweep this whole construction process away,”

According to Alexandria Lafci,” So having strong, sturdy walls, having a door that we can close at night — it’s something that we take for granted. Being able to lock our door and be safe. For many of these families, for years, sometimes even a lifetime, they don’t have that opportunity to have a safe shelter. So when they move into a New Story community, when they move into a safe home, families lives are transformed”.