3D Printing News Alert(3D printing of biomaterials)

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According to UC Berkeley professor of mechanical engineering and leader of the team Boris Rubinsky,” the 3D printing of biomaterials like organs and food a lot more viable. The problem with 3D bioprinting is that it is a very slow process, so you can’t print anything big because the biological materials will deteriorate by the time you finish. They designed the device. One of our innovations is that we freeze the material as it is being printed so that the biological material is preserved, and we can control the freezing rate”.


3D Printing News Alert(3D printed food investigation)

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According to Campden BRI, “We have recently invested in a 3D printer to investigate the potential for, and the limitations of, 3D printing when applied to food. The 3D printer will be used to assess:
the printability of foods
the creation of complex designs
the potential for personalized nutrition
the impact on food texture”.