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3D-printed gold collection

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According to designer Lionel T Dean, who has created a collection that is 3D printed in 18-carat gold digital manufacturing could “reshape the jewelry industry. “We’re here today to launch our collection of 3D-printed gold artifacts to demonstrate to the UK jewelry industry the potential of 3D printing, Dean explains in the movie. Additive manufacturing with metal allows you to create forms that would be almost impossible to create by conventional means.”
His creation was unveiled in August at Birmingham City University’s School of Jewelry.

3D-printed gold collection aims to transform the jewellery industry


Fashion Designs using 3D Printers

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Fashion Designs using 3D Printers

According to ABC news,”Fashion designers are using 3D printers to make clothes, jewelry, shoes and other fashionable articles. Fashion designers have 3D printed articles for wearing alone or with other clothing.  For examples, designers are 3D printing fashionable shoes.  Victoria’s Secret has 3D printed costume inspired by snowflakes.  3D printing opens new frontiers for fashion”.:)