3D Print skin, bone and body parts in the Space

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According to Dr. Klaus Slenzka, Head of Life Sciences, 3D bioprinting for space missions,
“If an astronaut is injured during a space mission, it will soon be possible to create an implant in the spaceship using a 3D bioprinter. At the end of the 12-month study, the ESA research group will deliver a 3D tissue sample”.


3D printed ‘magic Moon garden’

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According to ESA and visual artist Helen Schell from the UK,” awarded the study “Conceiving a Lunar Base Using 3D Printing Technologies” to the URBAN Consortium comprising of COMEX, LIQUIFER Systems Group and SONACA Space GmbH under the lead of OHB System AG. The team evaluated the feasibility and implementation effort of using Additive Layer Manufacturing in the construction, operations, and maintenance of a lunar base. What’s missing on the Moon? Colour and living plants. This is an idea for a colorful carpet of interchangeable color and design, which can be moved and the scale changed wherever you want to site it in your lunar habitat.”