3D printed Santa Cruz Bicycles

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According to some comments, “I knew he had reserve carbon wheels. Carbon trail bike…..meh. Santa Cruz is becoming the Lamborghini’s of the bicycle world. So they literally made him a custom monocoque carbon frame and fork. Amazing Bike!!!😆😂😂.Carbon.carbon. Carbon! Best bike engineering in the world. Santa Cruz Bicycles prototypes rugged, lightweight bike with AM.
Full carbon dream bike with 24-inch Reserve carbon wheels.
Santa Cruz Bicycles relied on additive manufacturing to make a tough, lightweight frame for its new ‘Danny bike’. Using high-performance thermoplastics, they cut four pounds from the weight and went from design to rideable prototype within weeks”.
According to Nic McCrae, composites engineer at Santa Cruz, “Once we had the latex bladders nailed, we needed to understand how precise we could get with layup and materials in order to maximize the new technique. Almost every carbon fiber product is made with a wide variety of fiber materials, varying in grades and attributes. Our production bikes are strong as hell, and we feel we have a good handle on our toolbox of materials, but the goal with Danny [MacAskill]’s bike was to push that understanding forward, and take advantage of emerging materials technology”.


Carbon 3D print with Diamond technology

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Carbon 3D is really about to change the game with “Diamond technology,” the collaboration creates lattice design pads of resin that are custom built to a player’s dimensions and position. This is advanced manufacturing. The designs and manufactures to make protective gear for football and other games.
According to Carbon co-founder and CEO Joseph DeSimone “We scan heads, and then you’ve got the shell of the helmet. The gap between the head and the shell is now customized. That space is now custom to everybody, and we fill that space with a lattice that controls the impact of the sport. It allows you to get really great performance as you control the impact that the players see.”