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3D Printing News Alert(Bioengineered liquid cornea)

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For the fourth consecutive year, IISc has been ranked as India’s #1 university in the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) Rankings released by the Ministry of Human Resource Development.
According to the Bangalore-based biotechnology companyPandorum’s co-founder Dr. Tuhin Bhowmick, he has done Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Science,” Bio-inspired Corneal ‘ink’ can be used as ‘Liquid Cornea’ for therapeutic application and to ‘print’ Corneal lenticule for human implantation – to treat visual impairment due to corneal defect”.

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3D Printing News Alert(Patented 3D technology regenerative breast implant)

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LATTICE MEDICAL is developing the first regenerative breast implant after cancer. It allows a natural and personalized breast reconstruction with a single and simple surgery. MATTISSE implant is made of bioabsorbable 3D printed biomaterials.

“Lattice Medical, a Hauts-de-France nugget supported by the Region, is developing an implantable bioprosthesis for breast reconstruction. An innovation that would allow thousands of women to recover, once breast cancer is over, life after illness. “