3D Printing Conference(Santa Clara Convention Center)

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According to the 3D Printing USA, ” presenting a measured but fast-paced view of the current and future potential of 3D Printing across a range of markets about Jewelry, Education, Material, Medical”.:)

November 14 – 15, 2018

Santa Clara Convention Center,



3D Printed Push button

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According to Mr JEPLANS, ” he is making 3D printed Pushbuttons for electronics projects. This is the Quick and Easy process”.
We always need some parts for our appliances and house projects.
Several people told us you need to change the whole thing you are not going to get these parts. It is so much money for small under $10 part. Our house windows needed plastic caps. They were charging $800 for each window.
I couldn’t find anywhere for a long time after a while we got 3D printed CAP for windows. That is awesome.:)

3D printed fashion footwear

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3D printed fashion footwear will be a good opportunity for the people who have flat feet, outgrow bone and wide feet. It is hard for them to use fashion shoes for the work or party or any sports. In my house, it is common to have flat feet and they can not use fashionable footwear. It is always hard, we have to special order for the same kind all the time.

According to Nicholas Unis, a junior finance and accounting major in the Smeal College of Business, ” he was telling his idea to the “Shark Tank.” I just had a hard plastic shoe and a rough wooden printer. They liked the idea and gave me some very good input.”
Unis also said “I designed the printer to be optimized to print shoes if you print this material with any normal 3D printer, it’s going to jam, “UnisBrands allows me to have the best of both worlds, bringing business, design, and fashion together.”:)