Dr. 3D Printer, Advanced Manufacturing

Dr. 3d Printer, Advanced Manufacturing (Best 3D Print Removal Tools)

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According to the article, “Offset blade so you can get a good angle under the print

5-inches long and useful for larger prints

Wooden handle with sturdy grip

Flexible blade for leverage”.


Best 3D Print Removal Tools And How To Use Them


How to 3D printed Copy Any Object

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How to 3D print copy any object. According to Switch & Lever,” Copying physical items is not as easy as copying a piece of paper, you can’t exactly stick it into a copy machine. However, surprisingly technology for how to copy physical objects have come a long way in recent years, and have also become available for those without deep pockets. In this video we’re copying a couple of different objects, using different methods, with different rates of success.”:)



Dr. 3d Printer (3D printers Server Octoprint vs Repetier comparison)

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According to Ron Place, he is our Dr for Dr. 3D Printer (3D printers Server Octoprint vs Repetier comparison),” This is the video showing a comparison between Octoprint and Repetier Server. They are both great alternatives”.:)