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Custom orthotics 3D printing

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This is the good thing for us. We never find comfortable footwear because of certain feet conditions. Custom 3D printed orthotics can help us:)

According to Go 4-D,” 3-D printing becoming a viable option for orthotics, they knew that better technology, better orthotics, and better service, was possible. This is the first company to offer affordable 3-D printed medical orthotics through an efficient, high-tech platform”.



3D printed silicone models

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3D printed silicone models. According to WACKER and engineer Hannah Riedle from the University of Erlangen, “the Munich-based chemical group, is currently expanding its ACEO 3D printing services for silicone rubber and announced the opening of a US-based printing lab later this year. The facility, which will be located at WACKER’s R&D center for silicone’s in Ann Arbor (MI), is the company’s first regional 3D printing lab outside of Germany.
We can print 3D silicone models based on medical image data that we obtain from magnetic resonance imaging or computed tomography”.





3-D-printed electrical and wireless sensors “smart cap”

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3-D-printed electrical and wireless sensors “smart cap”

According to Sung-Yueh Wu, Liwei Lin and Chen Yang from the Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley,” They build a 3-D-printed electrical and wireless sensors to detect the levels of bacteria in the milk”.
This applicator will sense spoiled milk. We can save money by buying the big container of milk every time.


3D-printed ‘smart cap’ uses electronics to sense spoiled food