Air NZ uses a 3D printer for speedy

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Air NZ uses a 3D printer for speed. According to Air New Zealand” has teamed up with components and systems provider Moog, Microsoft, and ST Engineering on a world-first experiment which has the potential to transform aerospace supply chains by leveraging 3D printing and Moog’s blockchain-enabled VeriPart™ process to create a point of use, time of need a digital supply chain. The proof of concept has seen Air New Zealand order a digital aircraft part file from Singapore-based ST Engineering. The digital file was immediately sent to an approved printer operated by Moog in Los Angeles. It was downloaded and 3D printed before being installed within hours on an Air New Zealand Boeing 777-300 aircraft ahead of its scheduled departure.”

Watch: Air NZ uses 3D printer for speedy, ‘world-first’ seat part replacement at LAX.


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