Advancing RF technology Fortify and Rogers corporation’s innovative partnership in 3D Printing

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Fortify and Rogers Corporation are revolutionizing the manufacturing of low-loss dielectric materials for RF devices and electronics. Through their strategic partnership, they leverage advanced composite processing capabilities and market-leading expertise to enable the efficient design and production of precision substrates, lenses, and end-use components.

This collaboration is poised to transform the wireless communication industry, offering high-resolution parts with excellent feature resolution, RF properties, and scalability. Learn more about this groundbreaking advancement in 3D printing and its potential impact on various applications. Plus, don’t miss the opportunity to meet Fortify at the upcoming International Microwave Symposium (IMS) to explore the future of RF dielectric technology.

By combining expertise and resources, you can effectively create differentiated value propositions and address market needs. Stay open to collaboration opportunities within your industry to drive growth and stay ahead of emerging trends.

Fortify and Rogers Corporation Partner to Develop 3D Printed Dielectric Material Systems for Radio Frequency Devices.

3D printing of homes discussed for Rogers.

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