3D printed fashion footwear

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3D printed fashion footwear will be a good opportunity for the people who have flat feet, outgrow bone and wide feet. It is hard for them to use fashion shoes for the work or party or any sports. In my house, it is common to have flat feet and they can not use fashionable footwear. It is always hard, we have to special order for the same kind all the time.

According to Nicholas Unis, a junior finance and accounting major in the Smeal College of Business, ” he was telling his idea to the “Shark Tank.” I just had a hard plastic shoe and a rough wooden printer. They liked the idea and gave me some very good input.”
Unis also said “I designed the printer to be optimized to print shoes if you print this material with any normal 3D printer, it’s going to jam, “UnisBrands allows me to have the best of both worlds, bringing business, design, and fashion together.”:)


Researchers 3D-Print A Human Cornea, May Save Millions From Blindness — CBS Atlanta

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NEWCASTLE UPON TYNE, UK (CBS Local) – Researchers at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom have successfully created the first ever 3D-printed cornea, giving millions at risk of going blind new hope. British scientists combined human stem cells with a mixture of alginate and collagen to produce a “bio-ink” that can be used by a 3D…

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Color-Changing 3D Printables

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Researchers from MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). according to Stefanie Mueller, she is the X-Consortium Career Development Assistant Professor in the departments of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Mechanical Engineering,” Largely speaking, people are consuming a lot more now than 20 years ago, and they’re creating a lot of waste and by changing an object’s color, you don’t have to create a whole new object every time.”
“Appearance adaptivity, in general, is always a superior feature to have, and we’ve seen many other kinds of adaptivity enabled with manufactured objects,” says Changxi Zheng, an associate professor at Columbia University who co-directs Columbia’s Computer Graphics Group.
“This work is a true breakthrough in being able to change the color of objects without repainting them.”:)

Work, Workflow, Workload and BPM — KWKeirstead’s Blog

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Work as we know it today, is about to change. Most of us will soon have automobiles that drive themselves. 3-D printing already allows assemblies to be built that are not assemblies. AI seems to be making a comeback and we’re starting to see machines capable of self-diagnosis and preventive maintenance. In the area of […]

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