3D printing research study

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Based on a 3D Printing research study. We will find out several curious questions we always have in our minds.
Such as what is the global 3D Printing industry?
What is going to be an ´Economic impact´ on the FDM 3D printing industry?

Global FDM 3D Printing Market Professional Survey 2019 by Manufacturers, Regions, Types and Applications, Forecast to 2024

Covid-19 pandemic and 3D Printers

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Covid-19 pandemic and 3D Printers. According to HP’s CEO Enrique Lores,¨while corporations are trying to cut bac k on printing to save money and the environment, HP and its rivals have their sights set on 3D printing as a way to stay relevant and keep growing. (SmileDirectClub Inc. makes its teeth aligners with HP’s 3D printing, which it used to make coronavirus face shields for hospitals, too.) HP is also pushing subscriptions to its Instant Ink delivery service, which counted more than 7 million customers last month, up from 6 million in February.¨

If 2020 Weren’t Strange Enough, Printers Are Staging a Comeback

HP’s New CEO Enrique Lores Will Steer A Smaller Printer Company